MAYBELLINE - Face Studio Prime - Illuminating make-up base-20 Pink
About this item Introducing our 1st targeted solutions primer range for smooth, even-toned and flawless looking skin. In 3 shades: Clear: Pore minimizing primer to blur fine lines and smooth uneven skin Green: Reduces signs of redness and evens skin...
Rs.2,500.00 Rs.1,850.00
Maybelline- FaceStudio, Master Prime, Primer Base, 400 Blur + Pore Minimize , 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Facestudio® Master Prime® color correcting primer preps for makeup application by visually blurring away specific skin concerns.
Rs.2,500.00 Rs.1,350.00
L'Oreal Infallible Anti-Redness Primer
Product description Super delicious and effective Infallible Primer from L'Oréal. The primer has a lightweight formula that makes it easy to use. Use alone or under makeup. Use Anti-Redness primer to neutralize redness in your skin Primes and Prepares Face...
Rs.2,800.00 Rs.1,700.00
Becca Velvet Blurring Primer Perfecting Base - Apricot Haze
A liquid-to-powder primer that blurs imperfections, brightens skin, smooths texture and controls oil. Soft focus pore-blurring powder that floats over skin to create a smooth, airbrushed finished while controlling excess oil. Key benefits: Smooths + blurs Long-lasting wear Feather-light Absorb...
Rs.9,500.00 Rs.5,150.00
Tarte- Face Tape Smoothing Primer
WHAT IT IS Save face with this 3-in-1 primer! WHAT IT DOES 3-in-1 primer helps smooth, blur & hydrate improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles* extends wear of foundation up to 12 hours* snow mushroom & hyaluronic acid...
Rs.12,500.00 Rs.6,850.00
Bourjois-Healthy Mix Glow Primer Serum, 15 ml (01 Pink Radiant)
About this item Hydrates Serum touch formula gives an ultra fresh sensation Non-sticky and non-greasy texture that blends perfectly Gives an apricot healthy glow effect to the skin Gives more radiant effect to your foundation make up results
Rs.3,500.00 Rs.2,150.00
Bourjois-Healthy Mix Glow Primer Serum, 15 ml (02 Vitamined Apricot)
Let your inner Lumière come to the light! healthy mix glow primer from Bourjois gives you more radiant, healthy and fresh effect to your foundation make up results. Thanks to the non-sticky and non-greasy texture with a touch of serum...
Rs.3,500.00 Rs.2,150.00
Rimmel- Fix & Protect Primer 005 Transparent SPF-25
Advanced mattifying formula that glides on smoothly, evenly for a longer makeup wear. • Smoothes to minimise pores • Resurfaces for an even complection • Brightens skin all day long • Protects against environmental aggressors
Rs.2,500.00 Rs.1,250.00
Smashbox-Photo Finish Primer Trio Set
WHAT IT IS Set your base for creativity with smooth, hydrated & revitalized skin. This set of 3 travel-sized Photo Finish Primers are vegan, cruelty free & can be used individually or together when prepping skin for makeup. $25 ($45...
Rs.9,500.00 Rs.5,850.00
Wet N Wild Wild Cover All Primer - Partners In Prime
Product features: - Gender: Women- Makeup: Foundation
Rs.1,500.00 Rs.1,050.00
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Loreal Paris Infaillible Mattifying Primer 20ml
Product description Product Description Transform your skin in an instant with NEW Infallible Primer shots, our 1st collection of primers to correct and perfect the skin. The ultra-lightweight formula glides onto skin, for a perfectly smooth, hydrated finish that lets...
Rs.3,500.00 Rs.1,750.00
NYX-Soft Focus Primer-SOFP01 Primer/Base
Create a flawless face and set your makeup up for success with our new Soft Focus Primer—a weightless, silky primer balm that glides on with ease and delivers a translucent finish for a dreamy, soft focus effect. Complete with a...
Rs.3,500.00 Rs.1,500.00

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