Real Techniques-Artist Essentials Brush Set
Build your brush collection with the Real Techniques Artists Essentials Set. Featuring five brushes for eyes, lips and face, the set contains everything you need to create a flawless makeup look. The brushes are crafted from premium synthetic fibers that...
Rs.5,000.00 Rs.3,050.00
Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Brush Set
Our Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials Makeup Brush Set has every brush you need to create flawless eye looks from natural to glam: Shading Brush: build cream or powder color shades and intensify coverage. Essential Crease Brush: blend powder accent...
Rs.5,000.00 Rs.3,050.00
Real Techniques-Sculpting Set
Accentuate favorite features, create defined contours for added depth, or simply enhance your natural bone structure with our sculpting set. With the use of light and dark makeup this set gives you the flexibility to take your look to the...
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.2,850.00
Real Techniques-Blend + Glow Sponge Set
Real Techniques Blend & Glow Set contains four quality products perfect for those for wanting to create stunning makeup looks! Using the two Miracle Complexion Sponges, create a smooth foundation that covers blemishes and impurities. Finish your look with the...
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.2,850.00
Real Techniques-Limited Edition Poppin' Perfection Brush Set
Poppin’ Perfection is a precious limited edition brush set from Real Techniques that includes a convenient compact mirror. The bristles of the brushes are synthetic, soft and easy to clean. The aluminum ferrules are very light. The set includes: 1...
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.3,050.00

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