HUDA BEAUTY-Desert Dusk Palette
Inspired by the mysterious landscape of the desert at twilight, Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Palette will bring a hypnotic touch of Arabian luxe to your make up collection. Like a treasure chest overflowing with precious jewels, it features everything you...
Rs.15,000.00 Rs.7,350.00
L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal HD Concealer - Orange
L.A. Girl's HD Pro Concealer is crease-resistant with opaque coverage in a creamy, yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes...
Rs.1,150.00 Rs.680.00
Bourjois- Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue Foundation Rose Ivory 50
FEATURES & BENEFITS For a healthy looking complexion Lasts all day Anti-age formula with a blend of vitamin C that gives anti-fatigue effect, vitamin E that performs anti-oxidant action, and vitamin B5 that tonifies the skin Contains hyaluronic acid derivative...
Rs.5,000.00 Rs.1,850.00
Firmer looking skin in 28 days Features a Skin Renewal Complex formula which activates surface cell renewal to reveal younger looking skin Gently reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 14 days Skin feels firmer in 4 weeks Provides soothing hydration...
Rs.3,500.00 Rs.1,850.00
We put M∙A∙C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 to the ultimate test of seeing how long it wears and, not surprisingly, the formula lasts for a full 24 hours! This modern matte, liquid foundation combines medium-to-full buildable coverage with broad...
Rs.9,000.00 Rs.6,000.00
SHADE NC-15 Discontinued packaging [Black] FAIR BEIGE WITH NEUTRAL UNDERTONE FOR LIGHT SKIN (NEUTRAL-COOL) A one-step powder and foundation that gives skin a smooth and even ultra-matte finish with medium-to-full buildable coverage, with a velvety texture that allows skin to...
Rs.7,500.00 Rs.3,550.00
L'OREAL PARIS-Revitalift Laser Anti Ageing Day Cream 40+ Hyaluronic Acid 50ml
Type Regenerating Application Day Dedicated For women Age Over 40 years old Skin type Inclined to get flabby / With signs of aging Effect Firming / Models facial contour / Reducing wrinkles / Smoothing / Strengthening Care area Face Use...
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.2,850.00
NEUTROGENA- Timeless Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask
"• Anti-ageing• Intensely hydrating• 100% hydrogel purifying formula enriched with adenosine• Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)• Suitable for sensitive skin• Dermatologist tested Neutrogena Timeless Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask helps reduces fine lines for a smoother, more youthful-looking skinMade from a 100%...
Rs.1,000.00 Rs.450.00
Refreshing, gentle cleansing from Olay Hydrating rich and creamy cleansing milk for normal, dry and combination skin Gently cleanses, conditions and removes make-up Smoothes and softens the skin as it cleanses Mild and gentle for every day use Won't clog...
Rs.1,850.00 Rs.1,050.00
Olay Complete 2-In-1 Hydration + Overnight Recovery Night Cream Mask, 50 ML
Moisturize to restore skin’s hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Olay Hydration + Overnight Recovery Night Cream Mask's deeply hydrating formula delivers up to 48 hours of long-lasting moisture that renews skin while you sleep. The...
Rs.3,500.00 Rs.1,850.00
Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream Gentle SPF 15
A daily facial cream that provides 7 anti-ageing benefits in 1, plus SPF 15 to help protect against sun exposure, the #1 cause of premature visible ageing. Formulated with green tea and vitamin (B3, Pro-B5, E) enriched anti-ageing complex with...
Rs.3,000.00 Rs.1,850.00
Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream Normal SPF 15
A daily facial cream that provides 7 anti-ageing benefits in 1, plus SPF15 to help protect against sun exposure, the #1 cause of premature visible ageing. Formulated with green tea and vitamin (B3, Pro-B5, E) enriched anti-ageing complex with a...
Rs.3,000.00 Rs.1,850.00
Olay SPF15 Anti-Wrinkle Pro Vital Anti-Ageing Moisturiser Day Lotion, 100ml
Special Ingredients Glycerin Item Form Lotion Brand Olay Specific Uses For Product Nourishment, Wrinkles, Dryness Skin Type Dry Skin Tone All Item Weight 0.14 Kilograms Item Volume 100 Millilitres See less About this item Imported Product From United Kingdom. No...
Rs.2,450.00 Rs.1,250.00
Clarins Sun Control Stick For Sun Senstive Areas SPF30
Clarins bronzers. SUN stick. A high protection, SPF 30, very comfortable, for the most sensitive areas to the sun: nose, lips, ears. Ideal for nautical sports: skiing and in case of intense sun. Association of sunflower wax, mango and shea butter: nourishes, comforts,...
Rs.3,500.00 Rs.1,650.00
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HUDA BEAUTY-Textured Shadows Palette - Rose Gold Edition
About this item Rose Gold Textured Eyeshadow 18 Colours Matte Eyeshadow Palette Cosmetics Beauty Good Quality A sweet pink with gold reflection Rose Gold- a lustworthy rose gold,pearls Finally, make up with everything you need to get your eyes covered...
Rs.12,500.00 Rs.7,000.00
CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleanser by Cetaphil for Unisex 237ml
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser cleanses and refreshes, perfect for all skin types, even dry and sensitive skin of the face. It is gentle and does not cause irritations due to the fact that it only includes non-irritating ingredients. This product...
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.2,750.00
CLARINS-Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipstick by Clarins 16 Pink Coral 3.5g
This classic, creamy lipstick provides stunning colour and silky shine. Formulated with the innovative Extreme Shine Maxi Lip complex to help and plump hydrat.
Rs.5,500.00 Rs.2,250.00
CLARINS- Joli Rouge Brillant -NO.17 WATERMELON 3.5G
Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipstick 17 Watermelon 3.5g / 0.12oz. This lipstick combines the transparent colour and shine of a lip gloss with the creamy texture of a lipstick. A unique MaxiLip Complex helps plump and hydrate for full, soft...
Rs.5,500.00 Rs.2,250.00
MAYBELLINE- Instant Age Rewind Concealer - Fair 110
Shade: Fair #110 ERASER DARK CIRCLES TREATMENT CONCEALER Winner of Allure's Best of Beauty Award for 2018 and the Spring Beauty O-Wards, Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer makes the eye area appear radiant and refreshed in...
Rs.2,000.00 Rs.1,450.00
HUDA BEAUTY-Obsession palette- Topaz
Love your Huda palette but can’t fit it in your make up bag? Or just desperate to sample the shadows that have sent the beauty world into a spin? The answer is Huda Beauty’s Topaz Obsessions Palette, a slimline edit...
Rs.6,500.00 Rs.4,250.00
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MAYBELLINE- New York Master Prime Primer 60
The foundation Maybelline Master perfectly cleanses the skin, prepares it for applying makeup and ensures that your makeup lasts longer. Characteristics: increases the resistance of the makeup protects the skin prevents fading of makeup prepare the skin perfectly for applying...
Rs.3,200.00 Rs.1,650.00
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MAYBELLINE- New York Master Prime Primer 50 Hydrating
Color Transparent and shade 50 New perfecting primers that instantly solve skin issues for a flawless look with or without foundation: Pore minimizer, hydrating, anti-dullness, anti-redness, illuminating. perfectly smooth, evened-tone and flawless skin in an instant!
Rs.3,300.00 Rs.1,650.00
BOURJOIS- Mega Eyeliner Black 01 Dark Black
Bourjois first liquid eyeliner with an angled tip to create a thick or thin liner flick. 24 hr hold. Create a flirtatious flick! Use the thick side of the soft felt tip to create a thick, intense liner flick. Or use...
Rs.2,250.00 Rs.750.00
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ESSENCE-I Love Extreme Curl & Volume Mascara
A hair curler for the lashes! The new mascara in the popular “I love extreme” family ensures extreme volume and a gorgeous curl with its large, twisted plastic brush.   For special events & everyday use.E
Rs.1,600.00 Rs.850.00

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